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  • Do bees really need microbial supplements? What studies prove this?
    Loss of beneficial bacteria was first noted in CCD hives in "A Metagenomic Survey of Microbes in Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder" by Diana Cox-Foster et al.
  • Why should we give probiotics to bees? Are microbes natural?
    SuperDFM® probiotics ingredients are naturally occurring microbes, produced using fermentation of natural ingredients. In nature, honeybees naturally acquire billions of microbes in their gut and ingest naturally occurring microbes in resources they collect (water, nectar, and pollen). Microbes ferment and preserve bee bread and help digest proteins and carbohydrates in the honeybee gut. Additional microbes acquired through probiotic supplementation support healthy balance in the gut and provide nutritional benefits.
  • How do SuperDFM®-HoneyBee™ Microbials work?
    Microbes are a part of the hive and honey bee digestive system. Microbes are active in digestion, including digestion of supplemental (artificial) feed, manipulating other microbes, breaking down toxins and pesticides. Probiotic bacteria create a hospitable environment for other beneficial microbes.
  • Bee receive probiotics from pollen, right? Why do I need SuperDFM-HoneyBee if they receive the same probiotics from pollen?"
    Yes, correct, pollen and nectar naturally contain many probiotic bacteria. Bees need probiotic supplementation when the pollen and nectar producing plants are exposed to non-organic pesticides or antibiotic, when fresh pollen and nectar are scarce (dearth period), and bees receive supplemental feeding of pollen substitute, pollen patty, and sugar syrup. Prepared, processed feed for bees lacks beneficial microbes.
  • Can I mix SuperDFM® with syrups or liquids?
    No. Moisture activates DFMs. Once activated, they require an anaerobic environment (without oxygen) with the proper light, temperature, and food sources to prevent them from perishing.
  • Are bee probiotics much like human probiotics?
    Yes, they help bees in the same way they help humans, a healthier gut will lead to overall improvement in nutrition, digestion, and life.

Frequently Asked Questions

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